Thank you to our Crate Escape Pet Care Family

I’ve made the extremely difficult decision to close Crate Escape Pet Care effective Oct 1, 2023.

There aren’t words to describe what you all have meant to me; what this experience has meant to me. Crate Escape Pet Care was born from having reached a crossroads in my life and taking a risk on myself. This business introduced me to so many amazing people and lessons and oh my goodness, THE PETS. The animals are why I did this in the first place. I have loved each and every one of your babies. I have celebrated with you and mourned with you. I have been enriched in my spirit because I got to love so many babies.

THANK YOU. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU for being a part of my story, my success, and my being.

What’s next you ask? Well Crate Escape Resort is not going anywhere. My hope is to focus on that business and expand in the next 2 years to a larger facility to accommodate large dogs.